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Senior Volunteerism

Vincent Wong, 70, battled depression after losing his wife to bone marrow cancer 20 years ago. Now, as Singapore Red Cross’ community befriender, he befriends seniors and keeps their social isolation at bay while understanding and supporting their needs. Vincent believes that retirees have spare time on their hands to give back to society, for example by inspiring seniors to climb out of depression and isolation and find hope, courage and inner strength in life again.

Wong Sun Kwong, 70, started volunteering at Singapore Red Cross’ thrift shop at Red Cross House in 2016 but had to stop volunteering at the thrift shop due to a medical condition. Now, he volunteers with SRC’s Blood Donor Recruitment Programme as a tele-recruiter every Friday to encourage potential blood donors to donate their gift of life. Through volunteering, he finds a greater sense of purpose and meaning in his life.

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