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Befriending and dignifying isolated elderly

Kamilah Abdullah volunteers as a physiotherapist with Singapore Red Cross’ (SRC) Community Health on Wheels (CHoW) programme, bringing healthcare to the elderly and marginalised communities in the heartlands. As part of her role, Kamilah runs a series of tests for the elderly to assess if they run the risk of falling. Volunteering enables her to contribute something to the community while pursuing her career and specialisation through a different avenue.

Dr Cherry Tan, who was formerly in Red Cross Youth during her secondary school days, volunteers as part of the Nurses Network with SRC’s Community Health on Wheels programme. As one of the volunteer nurses, Dr Tan finds out about the elderly’s psychosocial and medical history, health complaints, assesses their body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose levels, and refers patients to doctors for follow-ups on abnormal results. She derives happiness and satisfaction through volunteering without expectations.

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